Erick Chrispin in TrueMaisha Inspirational Talk!

When:3rd July 2015 from 6pm, Where: Eco Sanaa-CDEA Mikocheni B, Entrance fee: FREE, 
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“On Achieving Your Dream”

Erick Chrispin is an experienced trainer, author and talented motivational speaker. He has been training and speaking on personal development (life skills), organizational development: leadership and management, business and entrepreneurship psychology to organizations, companies and social groups in Tanzania. He is the founder and Managing Director of TrueMaisha Training Co. also a founder of Tanzania Social Entrepreneurship Forum.

Erick has worked with international organizations on developing tailor made trainings like social entrepreneurship courses with ActionAid Denmark Global Platform Tanzania, leadership and management, etc. he has trained trainers on communication and facilitation skills to a number of big organizations like Population Services International, T-MARC Tanzania, World Vision Tanzania etc.

His passion on helping others to positively change their life made him find different ways to use his personal development teaching talent to inspire many people through the popular personal development He founded TrueMaisha Training company Limited where they prepare tailor-made?Human potential capacity building training programs, retreat and event management.

Erick believes that if one works more on his/her personal development, everything carried out by him/her will be smart and effective, for one?s personal development expand his/her thinking and creativity every day. This is why Erick is always learning, motivating and teaching people to improve their personal life in different ways.

Erick Chrispin is holding a bachelor degree in Sociology which makes him able to analyze personal and social development hence find out a reason for you to positively improve your life through his teachings. He is a result based mentor, counselor and trainer of today and he always look happy and positive when doing these works which is a point of inspiration, motivation and encouragement to all of his clients.

Mc. Luvanda Anthony in TrueMaisha Inspirational Talk!

When: August 14th, 2015 from 6pm, Where: Eco Sanaa-CDEA Mkocheni B, Entrance: FREE.
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“Own Your Dream Life”


Anthony Luvanda is a motivational Speaker, Radio & TV Presenter, Event Planner, and a Professional Master of Ceremony (MC).

He has graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam, holding his first degree in Political Science on International Relations.

He has worked with Commercial Banks; Stanbic Bank Tanzania (SBT) and Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) on retail banking for more than four years. Luvanda has hosted several radio and TV shows.

Currently, he is dealing with Corporate Trainings, Event Planning and Management for corporate and private functions. His Corporate clientele includes; EcoBank (T) Ltd, KCB Bank, Aman Bank, Baroda Bank, DHL Tanzania, KLM Royal? Dutch Airlines, Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines, African Life Assurance Co, Oriflame Tanzania, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister?s Office-RALG, just to mention a few.

He is also the Managing Director (MD) of Home of Events Company Ltd.

His corporate goal is to become an effective Communicator and a motivational Speaker who transforms people?s lives (particularly youths) in the area of Personal Development and Leadership.


How to make your promising decisions in Life.

downloadAre you making a lot of decisions to change your life and wonder why you are not going through them most of the time? You are not alone I also had the same experience and many people have the same experience. Today I want to share with you an important element which is missing in the decisions you make and just by involving it in there, you are going to live your wonderful and life changing decisions.

Your life is an outcome of the decisions you make eeveryday

You decided to be the way you are today. You can simply say someone forced or influenced you to be the way you are but the truth is; you were the final decision maker on whether you should accept or reject the influence.

We everyday decide to live a certain way of life and we mostly make our decisions in a line of pleasure i.e. we choose the easy to go things which are of short term enjoyment and when it comes to the riskiest and harder to go things which are of long term enjoyment we hastate to implement and sometimes to choose them. We make promising decisions into the petty things which set us into a comfort zone from which we easily fell apart in short time. This is why you sometimes fail to make promising decisions in your life because they are those which takes you out of your comfort zone, they need you to dare and take risk to implement them sometimes.

Your promising decisions

It is very easy to decide on them but it becomes hard to implement, if you always make decisions without acting upon them then those are just wishes. Until you start implementing them by action is when they will change their status and become promising decisions. Therefore in short the promising decisions are those which goes with actions upon them.

If you have made a lot of decisions up to now and haven?t done anything of action on them then you will never achieve your goals and dreams but immediately as you start executing your decision you will realize an achievement. Are yours decisions or wishes? Look upon them and make promising decisions today.

It is your life changing power

Keep on remembering that by the time you make decision then you are 99% close to a great change of your life, after starting to act upon your decision; your life is already changing to where you want to be and achieve. So use such power of decision making to achieve your goals and dreams today, stop making a lot of wishes by not acting upon your decisions, time is short and you are becoming old, do something on your decisions and those will be promising decisions which will change your life today.


By Erick Chrispin

How to improve your life using critical feedback?


Are you also facing a challenge of hating negative and critical feedback from other people?
This is a big challenge to most of us; without knowing, it makes us dormant in improving our life and we wonder why we are not succeeding like others.
This day I was reading a book written by Jack Canfield (The?success principles) and he shared the way you can use negative and critical feedback to improve your life in different careers. I decided I should use such a technique in my seminar a day after where it gave me a number of constructive?feedback?which improved the way I have to run my seminars next time. And all these?feedback?were coming from my seminar participants.

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4 Ways to see Business Opportunities

isProbably starting a business is one among your great dreams.

Are you also stacking to initiate a business or start business due to lack of opportunities? I have talked to many people who real want to start business but apart from lacking capital they end up saying they can?t easily see potential opportunities to start viable businesses. There are many also who have capital but they can?t see any opportunity to invest their money. Read more…

How to defeat your fear to start?

is (1)

I know you have a brilliant idea and dream to achieve in your life. That is a dream from which if you truly achieve it then you are sure of a good life you want in your life but unfortunately you never act upon it so that it shifts from being a dream to something concrete, to something material WHY?

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