Why holding your corporate retreat?

There are nine reason why holding your corporate retreat: to explore fundamental concerns, to harness the collective creativity of group, to foster change, to change perceptions, attitudes, and behavior, to correct course when things are going wrong, to transform the organization?s culture or improve relationships hindering its effectiveness, to create a collective vision for the organization, to accomplish something that cannot be done by the leader alone and to make tough decisions.

TrueMaisha Training Co. is there to plan, manage and facilitate your corporate retreat; you do not need to be pressured with a lot of stressful routine to do so. Apart from the tailored retreats we can facilitate in your organization, we recommend you to pick the following:

  • Executive Retreat
  • Board or Board and staff Retreat
  • Single Department Retreat
  • Interdepartmental Retreat
  • Teamwork Retreat
  • Association and Membership Organization Retreat