Program Overview

This training program empowers leaders and manager?s potential to taking entrepreneurial knowledge and utilizing it for increasing the effectiveness of their new or existing organizational venturing as well as small and medium sized businesses. It builds ones? mindset and skills to be utilized in the process of controlling and operating new or existing high-growth- potential ventures in an organization/business.? An organization manager is empowered to employ his/her intelligence, great heart and creative skills. Becoming visionary and self confident, good communicator with unlimited energy, and have a strong passion for what she/he does.Picture2

Expected outcomes

  1. Growth and expansion of an organization service or products in scope
  2. Smart and productive organizational management and leadership
  3. An organization become competitive advantaged in terms of service or products quality
  4. Reduction of operation costs while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.
  5. Positive change of an organization culture


Learn how to:

  1. Unleash your potential and self reprogramming
  2. Develop your entrepreneurial mindset for management
  3. Commit to opportunities and seizing them.
  4. Become a resourceful manager/leader.
  5. Master your Creative leadership and management
  6. Apply Strategic orientation.


Who should attend?

  1. Managers
  2. Project and program officers
  3. Leaders (CEOs & MDs)
  4. Presidents of corporations and associations
  5. Supervisors
  6. Leaders of departments
  7. School headmasters & mistresses
  8. Organizational body members etc.