Change begins from awakening your inner potential through our Back 2 Life Retreats.


Do you feel stuck? Stuck in a job, a relationship or a life that?s not serving you? Do you want to take your life to the next level? Are you searching for your life purpose and ready to move into who you really are? Are you ready to let go of the past and experience more love, abundance and joyful aliveness?? Our Back2life Retreat is a 3 days program which will awaken your spiritual potential to renew your life and become a visionary and successful leader of your organization, business, family and life in general.


Expected Outcomes

  • Personal and organizational life balance
  • Improved health and self management
  • Personal and organization/business development
  • Discovered life purpose and living accordingly
  • ?One living a successful life.
  • Become stressed free.


The program will influence your personal reflection and reprogramming for you to master your personality plus setting up your personal and prospect goals. Life success inspiration, motivation and networking are going to revitalize your lost hope. You will benefit from more fun tailored treatments too.


Back to Life Youth Retreat 2017