September 04 - 05, 2017                                     Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Program overview

Today, teams and organization face rapid change like never before, Globalization has increased the markets and opportunity for more growth and revenue. Change remains a principle guide to organization development, an organization leader must be able to drive positive change in an organization he/she is leading so as to achieve the intended strategic objectives of an organization and grow beyond margins. As an organization leader you need to professionally build ?your personal change leadership character and exercise leadership practical principles which will guide you in driving the intended change in the team, culture and structure of your organization which will vibrantly result to bigger achievement.

This special training on Organization Change Leadership will equip you with an ability to:

  • Targeting change
  • leading change
  • Analyzing stakeholders and
  • Improving organizational culture

Simulation approach

During Organization Change leadership, participants will team up and assume organizational leadership roles within a fictitious company, they will develop a plan for organizational change and its implementation then practice working through it during the simulation exercise.

Who should attend this program

Upper middle to senior managers who are engaged in change initiatives or are preparing for them.

For the sake of value addition in leveraging the organizational change process, we encourage an organization/company to send four or more participants with one benefit out of.

The program will be delivered in English language so participants must be fluent or able to well communicate through it.