1. 1.?????? Back to life retreats

Do you feel stuck? Stuck in a job, a relationship or a life that?s not serving you? Do you want to take your life to the next level? Are you searching for your life purpose and ready to move into who you really are? Are you ready to let go of the past and experience more love, abundance and joyful aliveness?? Our Back2life Retreat is a 3 days program which will awaken your spiritual potential to renew your life and become a visionary and successful leader of your organization, business, family and life in general.



  1. Parents (Back2life parents retreat)
  2. Couples (Back2life couples retreat)
  3. Leaders? (Back2life leaders retreat)
  4. Youths Back2life youth retreat)
  5. Celebrities? (Back2life celebrities retreat)

What happens in the retreat?

-????????? Psychotherapy

-????????? Life success Inspirational and motivational talks

-????????? Meditation for self reprogramming

-????????? Personal goal setting

-????????? Flexible fun and recreation

-????????? Networking and

-????????? More tailored treatments