“We don’t like to train your team and leave them motivated for a short term before they get back to where they were before”

Staff Capacity Building Management (CBM), is a new system of maximizing workforce performance and organization culture change to enhance sustainable productivity increase, operation costs decrease and customer relationship increase through staff capacity building management.

This system is developed and implemented by TrueMaisha Training Company Limited (TMTC), a human potential empowerment company to ensure constant organizational culture change and maximum performance of your staff members.

People Human ResourcesWe are committed to work with your organization from:?

  • Identifying the need for staff capacity building in your organization, solving it, consistently monitoring to measuring and reporting the value added results and return on your investment.

Our capacity building solution’s are based on training programs, retreat programs, motivational talk sessions, consultation etc. All these methods will be tailored as a result of the needs assessment we have done in your team.

We are committed to working with you as your staff capacity building agent for we know that, “The best way to be productive is to have a great team”.