July 31 - Aug 2, 2017                                            Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

Program Overview

For you to become an astounding and inspirational trainer of your career, this is result based training you should attend. It will build you with trainer personality/character and capacitate you with full package of participatory facilitation skills and tools you need to plan and organize a contextualized training of any kind.


Expected outcomes

  • One becoming talented and inspirational trainer of his/her career.
  • Increased passion and commitment to trainer?s career development.
  • Realizing intended results out of a training one conducts.
  • The growth and contextualized learning by doing culture in the trained community.


Learn how to:

  • Train for change
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Plan training education
  • Conduct training evaluation and follow up
  • Develop training curriculum (under requirement)


Who should attend?

  • Trainers
  • Community work facilitators
  • Professional consultants
  • Teachers
  • Organization leaders and managers
  • Team leaders
  • Social activists
  • Public speakers
  • Anyone who aspire to become a trainer etc.