May 27, 2016                                                        Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Program Overview

This training program empowers people?s potential to positively get transformed their way of thinking and belief paradigm for them to utilize all their inner potentials and abilities to maximize their performance at work. The program open up one?s mindset so he/she can be aware of and extract his or her spiritual self, identify his/her potentials, talents and power to change the world outside him/her through his or her career work.? It gives a participant important skills and techniques which will build his/her character to become smart and peak perform at work.

DSCN2234 Expected outcomes

  1. Increased productivity in an organization or business.
  2. Effective and efficient product or service delivery to customers/clients.
  3. Improved team spirit and relationship among staff members.
  4. Improved visionary and effective leadership in an organization.
  5. Reduced operating costs in an organization/company.
  6. People become creative, innovative, resourceful and proactive at work.

Learn how to:

  1. Unlock your potential and self reprogramming
  2. Upgrade your personal creativity and innovation?
  3. Become resourceful ??
  4. Master Interpersonal Leadership ? ?
  5. Grow and maintain success at work
  6. Potentially live your success

Who should attend?

  1. ? Organizational leaders
  2. ? Staff members/working teams
  3. ? Entrepreneurs and businessmen
  4. ? Program and project managers
  5. ? Project coordinators and supervisors
  6. ? Directors (CEOs, MDs etc)