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Welcome to TrueMaisha

TrueMaisha is a reliable  human potential empowerment training Company that maximizes human resources, entrepreneurs and individuals’ capacity to better transform their personal and organizations  abilities through professional capacity building solutions; (trainings, advisory, retreats, event management and Human resource capacity building  management). Headquartered in Dar es Salaam Tanzania we are determined to provide individuals and teams with knowledge, skills and attitude to become personal leaders and peak performers at work and life in general.

Personal Leadership

This training program empowers people’s potential to positively get transformed their way of thinking and belief paradigm for them to utilize all their inner potentials and abilities to maximize their performance at work

Organization Change Leadership

Today, teams and organization face rapid change like never before, Globalization has increased the markets and opportunity for more growth and revenue. Change remains a principle guide to organization development...

Entrepreneurial Management

This training program empowers leaders and manager’s potential to taking entrepreneurial principles and utilizing them for increasing the effectiveness of their new or existing organizational ventures.

Training of Trainers

For you to become an astounding and inspirational trainer of your career, this is result based training you should attend.



Our team is made up of dedicated and committed experts to serving you. We hold you with the highest respect and commitment to accomplish your needs effectively, efficiently and on time.  We pledge to keep all mutually agreed upon appointments within one hour of the scheduled time. If we can’t make it, we’ll call you and reschedule at least 24 hours ahead of time.



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